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Good game

The game was fun and challenging but it really needs to lower the prices that’s it mc wolf out


Good game


Great game, very addictive, played 5 weeks, can't stop.

Ad Simulator

It would be a decent game if the game didn't force an ad on you every other minute (not an exaggeration). Of course you can spend a few bucks to remove ads but if you're expecting a nice completely free to play game you better be ready to watch the same boring ads over and over. Oh and an added bonus is that the game seems to crash a lot when it tries to play an ad, so much fun!

Great way to have fun



This gameRocks

Used to be better

You guys butchered the game with the new fighting monsters ever 45 seconds thing. I preferred the old way it was. Can't do a dang thing now. Miss the old version, but hopefully it'll be better in the future


I play this on my mom phone no prop but it does get out of the map but I don't care

Good game but...

Game won't stop crashing. I can't even play right now.

A true quote

"Crashes. Terrible. Would not recommend. Unplayable. Disgrace to America and the news should have covfefe on this." -Trump 2017

Good Game

It's fun but not a whole lot to it. It's great to play when you have some down time at work or in between classes


I love this game!!!!


This is a great app and I recommend it

Bad game

Most of the perks don't work this game is horrible broken


Great Idle Game

Game is junk

Done waste your time, all of the 'perks' for rebirthing (starting over with benefits) don't work after a day, the auto click stops working, the profit bonuses stop, I am now on my 4th rebirth and it is taking me just as long every day to get to the point of rebirthing again

This is the best game ever

You should play now

Best game ever

This game is such a good game like never before


Never gets boring




Doesn't even let me play game, waste

How have they not fixed this game?

Ever since the update this game is entirely broken. It's been over a month and a half and this game has been completely unplayable. You can't even open the app up, it just crashes. How has this not he's fixed?



Good-ish game

This game is very fun and I love the mechanics and other things, but the game keeps crashing so I have to open, do stuff, save, maybe do more stuff, then crash. It's really annoying and this game would be a 5/5 if they fixed it. Also, after a lot of work I got a 2 week skip, it took my stuff and didn't give me anything. This game has some problems, but is still pretty fun.

Great game


Time killer


Good game a few things though

First bad thing is with the new update game won't open just keeps crashing. Second thing is that with the perks it makes it easy to advance at first but after your next rebirth it becomes much harder not easier. But other then that great game. Fix those things and I'd give it five stars.

New update has ruined it for me.

Title says it all. Ever since the new update I can't join guilds or hire party members for automatic questing. I've clicked everywhere, including all over the "world" map as it's always lighting up. Other than that? Great game with a ton of neat aspects. Definitely worth the download.

Really really fun game. I absolutely love it.

It's so fun I love this game.

Crash + Erase

I don't have a lot of times for games, so I like idle games and buy a lot of stuff. Had this game about 4 days, it crashed while rebirthing, re-opened, and everything was reset to initial beginning, hit "restore purchases" and it said "no purchases to restore". 40$ out the window. About to message developer website and see if I get any resolution, will add more if I do or don't.

Needs a bug fix - Fun!

Perks stop working after closing the app a couple of times. Daily quests are basically frozen and don't work anymore. I had the app crash problem after last update. I deleted and redownloaded. That fixed it, however I lost a lot of progress. Was able to keep all my hero spirits though.


I'm a HUGE fan of this game. I first played it on Miniclip, downloaded on my phone & now. I can't even play it! FIX IT ASAP!!!

Fix last update please I love this game

Last update needs some work plus I lost 40 stamp today

Very fun game, but...

...latest 1.6 update crashes immediately after startup on iPad Pro 9". DO NOT SPEND ANY REAL MONEY ON THIS GAME!

Needs a fix

Was fun. Now crashes 2 seconds after start-up. Even phone restart did not fix problem

Worked well for 2 days

Now it crashes after being in the game for literally two seconds. It does that every time I retry now. Even after phone re-start. Was fun before that but now unplayable



Fun game

Game is pretty fun i even played it on my desktop each time has its glitches here and there but still an all-around fun game to play

Time killer

I love this game so much!

The Best App Ever!!!

I can't stop playing this game it is so addicting!

Can't run for 30 seconds

I can't seem to run the game for very long without it crashing. There are a couple other bugs to. To be honest, the game is not really as fun as it sounds...

Rip off 😡😡😡😡😡

They lie about everything there add remover is useless I demand a refund. can someone ban this game?

Fun but one major problem

This game is insanely fun but there's one problem that leads me to this rating. I can't keep the game open for more than 2 minutes without it crashing. I'll raise my rating when I can actually play the game.

Many bugs and balancing issues

Bugs: 1) Idle doesnt always work when offline. I have had it off all night and came back to the exact same spot 2) news discounts do not apply to levelling up quests 3) speed doesn't seem to apply with pets as described Balancing issues 1) bosses are under-rewarding after level 50. Boss rewards are in the billions at lv 59 when it takes Qa to get there. 2) alchemy pays around 100x less than jewelry at around the same level and takes less time if you neglect it in favor of jewelry. Which leads to 3) previous quest become worthless and unrewarding and still cost a ton of resources Perhaps the issues get better after time but with the bugs and inconsistent details it becomes very difficult to hold interest


The new update is a big improvement

Amazing Game

Best game ever

Fun but a little buggy

This is a nice idle game and they've recently added a few features which add a little more interactivity. Major problem though - with the newest update it's impossible to watch ads to double output for a few hours. The watching ads feature just doesn't work at all.

Really cool



Fun game

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